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Why Subscribe?

  1. You never have to visit the site ever again. Even though I spent a lot of time designing this website, you still don’t care how it looks.  Do both of us a favor and subscribe to the feed. 
  2. It’s free. Puff daddy said it best:  Mo’ $, more problems.  This is why reyouthpastor.com is free.  I don’t want anymore problems in my life.
  3. Having subscribers means something–the content works, and using e-mail or RSS saves you wasted visits and time.
  4. Subscribers are  intelligent. I have no stats or research to back this claim up because I just made it up.  P.S. you really don’t need to be intelligent.   I just said that to make you feel good, so you would subscribe.
  5. It’s easy to use- All you have to do it click the RSS link and add it on to google reader. If you want to know how I subscribe to feed read this post.  

Please::  Test Subscribing via Email

Please::  Test Subscribing via RSS