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Allison Murray what is one thing you want the youth pastor population to know?

1 Thing Interview With Allison Murray

Allison has been the High School Discipleship Pastor for the high school ministry at Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, GA for the last 2 years. She graduated from Milligan College in 2006 with a degree in adolescent psychology and followed that up with a 2 year internship with the high school ministry at Saddleback Church. She loves twitter, her dog Cali, watching sports center, and hanging with friends and students. She loves Jesus and is devoting her life to seeing teenagers come to know Him.

Website: www.sccelement.com

Twitter:  allisonmurray

Allison Murray what is one thing you want the youth pastor population to know?

Your greatest asset could easily be your greatest weakness. Relational youth ministry is a beast. I wouldn’t consider myself the best teacher or the most theologically sound human on the planet but when it comes to relationships I’d like to think I do a pretty good job. I love teenagers! I love what’s happening in their lives and I love being the safe person they can talk to when something is bugging them…I just love relational youth ministry. I truly believe you have to earn the right to speak truth into a student’s life and that comes through pouring in time BEFORE the disastrous breakup, the terrible decision or world war II with their parents. And if you would have asked me 6 months ago what my greatest strength as a youth pastor is I easily would have told you it was being relational with students. Today, I think it’s one of my greatest weaknesses. Satan doesn’t need to go after or attack me in my weak areas…they are already terrible. How clever of him to go after the areas where I feel the most secure, the most confident, the most talented, the most successful?! And how lame of me to allow him. It’s so easy to think you’ve “arrived” in a certain area of ministry, maybe even to the point that you neglect other areas. I’m learning so much lately that area where I feel the most successful is the area most vulnerable to pride, resentment, anger, frustration, temptation…..sin. What is your biggest asset as a youth pastor? What makes you good at what you do? How could satan use that to ruin you? Be on your guard, stand firm…what we do is too important to let satan win in the little areas in our lives.

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