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Brian from what is one thing (only one thing) you want to tell the youth pastor population?

1 Thing Interview With Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk is associate pastor at Union Avenue Christian, a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation in inner city St. Louis, and also serves on the adjunct faculty at Eden Theological Seminary. Brian has been involved in youth ministry and teaching for over 20 years.

Brian writes at

Brian from what is one thing (only one thing) you want to tell the youth pastor population?

I would remind youth pastors and youth workers to consider what a short, short amount of time we have to share the good news of the gospel with teens. They move through our ministries in just a few quick years and there is so much we can share with them about the mission of the church…but only if we give ourselves permission not to waste so much time trying to keep youth entertained with games and trips to amusement parks and other distractions. Focus on what’s important — the radical way of Christ — and leave the entertaining of youth to others.

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  1. Is there one thing we can tell Brian? The one thing is this: Relativism and the Gospel don’t mesh…at all. Jesus is the only way to be made right with God and be saved. All other religions and faiths are wrong.

    • @Brian you were doing so well and now you will get a blog “time out” because you broke rule #2 on– critical is fine but don’t be rude.
      There was nothing in Brian’s post that correlated with relativism.

  2. Yeah…but you and I both know Brian Kirk is a full on relativist and shouldn’t be in ministry at all don’t we?

  3. Now now play nice. Who is the one who says who should and shouldn’t be in ministry?

  4. Brian, you and I need to meet for coffee some time. You might discover I’m a human being just like you — even though you and I don’t agree on some things. You might find out that I’m more than someone that can be reduced to a few labels. Peace! : )

    Jeremy, thanks for this series. It’s been an interesting read so far. I think there might be a book idea in here somewhere for you.

    Paul, thanks for refereeing!

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