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Obviously, there is a stark polarity in the brands and breeds of youth pastor bloggers. It is not rocket science detecting what youth pastors are pressing the envelope and what youth pastors don't have a clue. In my assessment the progressive youth pastor population is slim. My point is that there are very few youth pastor 3.0.

Band of Like Minded and Emerging Youth Pastors

My youth pastor blogging friend Dan Haugh over at www.emergingyouth.wordpress.com and I have been talking about somehow uniting  progressive youth pastors across the web.

Obviously, there is a stark polarity in the brands and breeds of youth pastor bloggers.  It is not rocket science detecting what youth pastors are pressing the envelope and what youth pastors don’t have a clue.  In my assessment the progressive youth pastor population is slim.  My point is that there are very few youth pastor 3.0.

The problem is:  the youth pastor 3.0 doesn’t have healthy outlets and networks where they can contribute ideas without getting called a heretic, an emotional basket case, and an outcast.  The youth pastor 3.0 needs spaces and platforms.  Of course, we have blogging which literally turns into a brutal UFC fight and only leaves the youth pastor 3.0 more pissed off with some blood on his/her knuckles.  Trust me, I am talking from a lot of youth pastor blogger brawling experience.

Even though I like pretending to be a tough guy on the web, there needs to be arenas and avenues for unchurched youth pastors to play and articulate their heretical ideas about youth ministry.

Possible steps to obtaining a youth pastor 3.0/emerging web network:

1.  Assemble youth pastor affinity networks all across the web that represents the geological landscape of the USA youth ministry.

–  I really like what firstthird.org is doing.  I really wish I could go and be apart of that, but times are tough.  Firstthird is a dialogue, at Luther Seminary with Dr. Root and Dr. Kenda Dean, about theology in youth ministry.

2.  Identify and clarify who are the youth pastors 3.0 blogging on the web

–  I wrote what I think are the themes of a new emerging 3.0 youth pastors here and here .  Here is a brief list of:  average youth ministry dudes and dudettes that I think get it:









Feel free to make any recommendations…..

3.  Brainstorms what a web network would look like for emerging youth pastors.  There has to be more out there….

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  1. great stuff Jeremy. I am looking forward to future conversations and seeing what will unfold as similar minded youth pastors unite.
    Change is in the air and its a breath of fresh air…no longer stagnant but alive and moving.

  2. What I’m still amazed at is your arrogance. I still cannot believe that you think you’ve got it all figured out. You act as though you’ve had 40+ years of experience and are some how doing us a favor by giving out your “wisdom”. The truth is you’ve had about 5 years of “experience” and now you are going to shell out your wisdom and tell us all how it SHOULD be done. Try some humility or even some Jesus time as it seems you lack both. Try talking with and being with HIM, before you start blabbing about your knowledge of “ministry”.

  3. Jeremy…I’d love to be rooted in a network like this! You know, I’m not a ‘youth pastor blogger’ but I do blog and I pastor youth 7 hours a day, M-F [public high school teacher]. Heck, I was just called out by some concerned parents for having ‘too radical views.’ I’d love to listen to what fellow progressives are experiencing and learning. Could we dialogue about a ‘mission-statement’ that works as a powerful cohesion to bond us 3.0 pastors in unity?

    your boy,

    • @Tom
      Ya know… you are a youth pastor!! Yeah, this is a the very beginning of somehow trying to articulate ourselves and what is our mission. Today I ran across this misison statement: Guiding Students Into Spiritual Formation for the Mission of God

  4. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for linking to me and including me in this list. I’m honoured… I think! 😉

    I’ve never really thought of myself as a “progressive youth pastor”, but rather a youth worker learning how to mentor and encourage young people to follow Jesus and become themselves.

    Things are a bit different here in the UK, and my blog reflects my work with young people both inside and outside of church. I don’t just do youth ministry, but also community work, schools work and more generic youth work with government and statutory agencies. All this is part of my paid role at my church.

    I’m really keen, as Dan says, to explore ideas with like-minded people, but I also really value outside opinion and input from those who’ve been in this game a long time (as Kevin has bluntly alluded to above).

    So I’m not sure about a specific network or closed gathering (although that may be useful to some), or even defining who is or isn’t progressive. Rather, I’d love an ongoing conversation about how and why we can best teach young people to love Jesus.

  5. Thanks for the inclusion here; I certainly feel undeserving with all the other great bloggers out there.

    Do you find it a bit ironic that Marko’s whole 3.0 manifesto basically concludes with: “I’m not sure exactly what 3.0 will look like”? So you’re asking to gather 3.0 youth pastors, which, by Marko’s definition, lack definition. :) So postmodern… actually I want to look beyond postmodern into the postpostmodern world. Lemme gather some postpostmodern youth pastors. 😉

    I’m just giving you a hard time.

  6. Jeremy, good stuff man! So many youth pastors try and be lone rangers only to find out the hard way, that it never works. Im looking forward to continuing the networking!!! Count me in!

  7. I was JUST thinking this.

    Here’s my idea.

    Call it a “cohort.” Can be a group of peeps going through youth ministry together.

    We could meet via tokbox or something monthly for a set amount of time.

    If this sounds groovy to anyone, hit me up via email adam.j.lehman@gmail.com

  8. Oh, also, include Joel Daniel Harris in this list. He leads a sweet retreat in Ohio called Seismos.

    Last year, they went through Youth Ministry 3.0 and talked through implications for local youth ministries.

    And then this year – they went through the book “Primal Teen” and invited MarkO to come guide our discussion.


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