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Tomorrow morning (5:30am to be exact) we leave for Haiti.

Day 1 + YMATH

Tomorrow morning (5:30am to be exact) we leave for Haiti. Today, I spent majority of my plane ride trying NOT to think about Haiti. Most therapist’s call this denial.

I have to admit, not leading a trip or being the person “in charge” is really refreshing. As a youth pastor leading a trip, activity, trip, and/or event, you are always the go to guy/gal. It is fun being a follower and the trouble maker. Although, I never lead a global mission trip before, so it will be very wise to observe and absorb how Adventures in Missions does things.

Also I need to focus on becoming a present global short term missionary.  A lot of my youth ministry methodology banks on local missionary work.  So it will be critical to compare similarities and differences between local and global missional practices within a youth ministry paradigm.

My “rough” blogging plan will be to write every night about my experience and encounters in Haiti.

So my seat belt is tightly buckled and I am ready to work………….

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  1. Good luck Jeremy. Have fun being the “trouble maker” (every trip needs one) and learn as much as you can as AIM is an awesome organization. Praying for your team’s safety and impact.

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