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I love reading anything about student ministry. Therefore I have a student ministry information addiction. I like to synthesize any student ministry material.

Managing My Student Ministry Information Addiction

I love reading anything about student ministry.  Therefore I have a student ministry information addiction.  I like to synthesize any student ministry material.  I have tried multiple techniques on how to manage the overwhelming amount of student ministry content that I bump into on the web.  But how do I manage my time when I read 75 youth ministry websites each day?  If everyday I read each student ministry website for 4 mintues, this means: I would spend 5 hours reading student ministry content.  No student pastor has this amount of time to just read about student ministry.

Time is everything, so I am still committed to reading as many student ministry websites as possible in the shortest amount of time.  I like more results in less time.

How do I do this?  Google RSS Feed and lots of coffee.

RSS stands for “really simple syndication”.  RSS solves my time problem because it allows me to follow all my favorite student ministry website all on one site– Google Reader.  You can follow any site that has a feed.

Feed icons (generally) look like this:  

The beauty about Google Reader is that I can easily stay informed and I save a lot of time by not needing to visit each youth ministry website every time I hop online.  I can now manage all my student ministry websites in 20 minutes each day.

My point:  RSS readers are brilliant, so subscribe to every student ministry website/blog RSS feed that you enjoy reading.

In fact I wrote  5 reasons why subscribe to my student ministry website:  Honestly, I think my readers are not only hot and intelligent, but bring pure awesomeness where ever they go.  So if you fit these expectations please subscribe via email or RSS .

In the comment section, let me know:

–  What are your favorite student ministry websites that you subscribe to….

– How you manage your time in relation to reading youth ministry content on the web…….

– If we should have a support group for those individuals (like myself) that waste a lot of time reading youth ministry blogs….

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  1. I like reading yours, Schmoyer’s (although I wish he would write more than video :)), ym360, orange (now that I oversee a Family Ministry program) & Josh Griffins the most. I filter by titles. If the main title draws me in I will probably read it.

    If there was a support group out there I would be all for it!

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