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This upcoming week is National Youth Workers Conference and Extended Adolescence Symposiums

NYWC and Extended Adolescence Symposium

This week is a pretty exciting week for 2 reasons.
(1)  National Youth Workers Conference is in the ATL.  So stoked to connect with old friends and make new friends. If you will be around hit me up @jeremyzach.  Our Orange team will also be chilling at the XP3 Students booth in the exhibit hall.  Reggie Joiner is speaking on main stage on Friday afternoon.  If you are a youth worker thinking Orange I would love to meet you and hear what you are doing in your student ministry context.
(2)  Extended Adolescence Symposiums
The boys (Marko and Adam Mclane) at the youth cartel are putting on a symposiums (between Dr. Arnett and Dr. Epstein with Dr. Kara Powell as the host) to employ the questions of:  what if everything we know about the adolescence brain is wrong? and what does this mean for the future of youth ministry?
Dr. Arnett is with the majority who believe that the reason that adolescents are so dangerous and need to be guarded is because their brains aren’t fully formed. Dr.  Epstein argues that this is ridiculous and reminds us that we argued the same thing for African Americans 50 years ago.
To read more about the Symposium or if you want to attend click here

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  1. I had to leave the conference early. Was the symposium recorded, video or audio? If not, any notes you would like to share would be great. Sorry we missed each other at the NYWC.

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