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The Youth Ministry Advance Team: Haiti - is a diverse group of 7 youth workers, a video guy, and two AIM representatives. I personally know 3 of the team members-- Adam, Marko, and Lars. Unfortunately, I don't know the others. So I thought it would be fair to do a scouting report on each member.

The “unofficial” Scouting Report

The Youth Ministry Advance Team: Haiti –  is a diverse group of  7 youth workers, a video guy, and two AIM representatives.  I personally know 3 of the team members– Adam, Marko, and Lars.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the others.  So I thought it would be fair to do an “unofficial” scouting report on each member.

The “unofficial” Youth Ministry Advance Team: Haiti Scouting Report:

Anne Jackson: blog | twitter

I am really looking forward to getting to know Anne.  Anne is the only female on the team.  If a gal agreed to go on a trip with all guys, I already like and respect her.  Anne is not an official youth ministry blogger, but she gets more comments on her blog in a day, than I do in a year.  Apparently, she has a really cool book out too–  Mad Church Disease.  I am praying that God tells her to give me a free signed copy… (fingers crossed).  No pressure Anne, but seriously I will not have a book to read on my flight back to California.

Tim Schmoyer: blog | twitter

I am really excited to finally meet Tim Schmoyer.  Tim’s youth ministry blog inspired me to start my own blog.  I found his blog back in ’07 while looking for a fun-interactive youth ministry game.  I found toilet paper dodgeball, which I jacked from LISM.  Tim if you want to charge me for this game, I will pay. Honestly, I really want to get to know Tim as we share in this transformative journey to Haiti.  Tim and I had a few youth ministry blogging wars, but reconciliation is a powerful thing.  I think this trip will be really good for us by putting things in perspective.  Who knows? After Haiti we might want to stop our youth ministry blogs because at the end of the day…. who cares? What really matters most?

Adam McLane: blog | twitter

I am amped about the McLane being apart of the team. This guy is just legit and funny.  If I was back in high school, I would want to be friends with Adam.  I consider Adam McLane the youth ministry social media god.  I am going to spy on Adam and see if I can learn how he does his social media magic.  Plus I want to see if Adam can tweet in his sleep.  On a serious note, I really like and appreicate Adam’s worldview.  He is a theological thinker.  I will be intrigued to hear his thoughts and reflections about our experiences in Haiti.

Mark Oestreicher: blog

It will be a blast hanging with Marko.  For those that don’t know, Marko just started a Youth Ministry Coaching Program. The program is unlike anything I have come across.  The fact that he is coaching on youth ministry contextual application, is worth the price right there.  Marko’s book Youth Ministry 3.0 greatly impacted my youth ministry philosophy.  So I am thrilled to process and brainstorm with Marko about the situation in Haiti.

Seth Barnes:blog | twitter

Seth is the executive director of Adventures in Missions.  I am just going to say it and put it out there:  Adventures in Missions is rad!  AIM is taking care of all the logistics and trip planning.  I have been very impressed with Seth’s professionalism and commitment to doing mission trips right.  Even though I have never been on an AIM short mission trip, it is apparent that AIM values excellency.  I also love that AIM highly values:  prayer, partnership through the local church, and interdenominationalism.  It will be a joy seeing Seth in his element–doing what he does best.

Lars Rood: blog | twitter

Lars and I have a funny, triangular relationship.  My boss is great friends with Lars.  Lars has been in youth ministry for a while, so when he speaks, I listen.  Lars is notorious for his quick wit and one liners, so my abs are ready for his spunky spontaneity.  Bring it on Lars!!  When I think of the words:  team and youth ministry, I think Lars Rood.  I am expecting Lars to be a great team player and for him to pull his weight.  No if, ands, or buts.

Ian Robertson: video guy

I know nothing about the video dude except that he has cool hair and can edit video.  I want to immediately befriend the video guy just because….Who knows…he might be feeling left out?  Hey Ian, don’t worry dude I will share my Snickers with you.

Rhett Smith: blog | twitter

I have only heard about the Rhett Smith.  One of my good friends Drew Sams is his brother in law.  So I, indirectly, know Rhett.  Rhett has his MFT, so I will be eager to talk to him about how  “I am feeling”. I also may need to ask him for a few cognitive techniques to alleviate my anxiety about the trip.  I read Rhett’s blog a lot and the guy gets it.  He wonderfully intersects theology and psychology and directly speaks to pastoral issues.

Clint Bokelman: blog

Clint is the Director of Short Term Missions at Adventures In Missions.  I am pumped up to hear stories about how AIM Short Term Mission trips have made a huge impact–both globally and in the lives of students.  My wife and I are huge proponent of short term mission trips. I am confident that short term mission trips matter and work!!!  I am more than happy to take on anybody who thinks short term mission trips are not effective.  It will be neat to hear and learn from Clint’s wisdom and experience.

All in all, I have never been more ready, thrilled, humbled, and motivated to cautiously enter the Haitian situation with a unbelievable team and organization.

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  1. I was pretty sure I heard God saying to bring extra Immodium just for you, but maybe he was saying a book. I’ll ask him tonight just to be sure. :)

    Looking forward to it…

  2. Jeremy, this is an awesome presentation of the group; thanks for posting your honest thoughts about what to expect on the trip, as well as how you’ll interact with each member of this eclectic group. I’m excited to see happens on this trip, what stories unfold, and how you all will respond. I’m glad that you’re a part of it. Thanks again.

  3. Great post! At first I was thinking this was gonna be a stalker list of some sort. Looking forward to hangin’ with ya and probably bonding. 😉

  4. I’m looking forward to following your trip and reading about how God uses the whole team to impact Haiti. Good post.

  5. I feel good that Brian Ford commented. Otherwise it’d be just weird if only team members commented. Well, my mom read this cos she thumbed it up on Facebook. Funny that people think I’m good at social media. This whole time I thought it was just because I was obsessive-compulsive.

  6. Next time I want to be first on the list. Or last. Either are better than middle. I also want a copy of Anne’s book Mad Cow disease.

  7. I didn’t write *that* book….. :) My capacity to comment on diseases carried by our bovine friends is inept.

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