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2 Responses To Systematic Abandonment

Students in the American church are experiencing a loneliness epidemic known as systematic abandonment. So what are some responses when addressing abandonment? Read More »

Sir Isaac Newton’s Advice For Youth Pastors: How The Law of Inertia Can Strengthen Students’ Faith


Our students' spiritual life tend to quickly move to "idleness" real fast. They get saved, they get baptized, they go to church, they follow Jesus' commandments, then what? Read More »

Moving From Joseph Smith to Jesus: How To Talk To Youth Group Students About Mormonism

Joseph Smith's 1st Vision

why Mormons did better youth ministry than Christians? Read More »

What Would Be Your Advice To Smart High School Seniors?

All rights reserved by mikebitton

What advice should a youth worker give seniors in a secular context? Read More »

Targeting Youth Parachurch Threats: Relearning How To Love Your Neighbor And Enemies

All rights reserved by Jonathan Wolpert

My argument: Any youth parachurch can be a huge assess to youth ministries across the globle Read More »

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