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Wednesday , 17 September 2014
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Leaving The Youth Room: Revisiting The Inside/Out Youth Ministry Outreach Approach

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If we are saying that 50-60% of kids are dropping out of faith and that youth ministries are only reaching 25-30% of the kids in the community, then do we need to start leaving our youth room to go meet and befriend more kids in the community? Read More »

A Student Led Event Gone Wild

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Allowing students to brainstorm a youth ministry event sounds like a great idea, right? Empowering students to lead events that they own guarantees they will invite their friends, right? So, student-led events should be a success, right? Read More »

The Outsiders: Responding To Unchurched Students Who Show Up To Youth Group


My heart gravitates towards the finge-unchurched-postmodern kid. I do enjoy working with the "outsiders" and I am very thrilled when a unchurch kid comes to church. At any given point in any youth ministry program, I am going to be thinking: How are our leaders responding and interacting with these unchurched kids? Read More »

Youth Ministry Outreach: Creating “Third Spaces” That Are Welcoming and Warm


I know this may seem weird but I am always worrying about what an unchurched student thinks when he/she attends a "church youth ministry program". Read More »

Youth Ministry Evangelism 501: Learning How To Reach Out To ALL Families In Your Community


One of the biggest evangelism efforts is to reach out to all families in our communities Read More »

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