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Youth Ministry Evangelism 501: Learning How To Reach Out To ALL Families In Your Community


One of the biggest evangelism efforts is to reach out to all families in our communities

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Targeting Youth Parachurch Threats: Relearning How To Love Your Neighbor And Enemies

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My argument: Any youth parachurch can be a huge assess to youth ministries across the globle

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20 Ways Teens Can Be Local Missionaries

The other day I was asked: "Jeremy...once a student has gone through your youth ministry program what is one thing you want them to have internalized?" My answer: That they understand they are a full time missionary at every facet of their life. They are missionaries in their neighborhoods, schools, athletics, house, movie theater, restaurant, etc... They see God moving everywhere in and outside of church.

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Serving In School Is Cool

A missional youth ministry highly values understanding (contextualization) and serving the local community. In the youth ministry world, school campuses are the life and blood of where our students spend most of their time.

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Discipleship is the New Youth Ministry Evangelism

I am arguing that discipling students before they believe is the new youth ministry evangelism method. Youth pastors are dealing with such an unChristian and unChurched teenage population that deeply studying books of the Bible, theology, and ethical issues are what the students are needing. Teaching for 45 minutes about Levictus can now be the new cool thing to do in youth ministry. Why? Because Bible literacy and education is so removed from the teenage culture.

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