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5 Realities For Missional Youth Ministry: Inside/Out Evangelism

One of the defining elements of missional youth ministry is the how the youth ministry does evangelism. There are two types of evangelism strategies: Inside/Out-- Prep, train, and educate kids and sent them out into the world to do evangelism. Basically you go a non-believer on their turf. Outside/In-- Throw events and get non-believers into your youth room. Basically you take a non-believer put him/her on your turf.

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Youth Pastor Standards: Talking About The Wrath of God?

Small Town Youth Pastor has been really loud about critiquing the fire and brimstone type of youth ministries. Thankfully, God has been doing some work on me and I am trying to develop a healthy view on how to communicate the bad news about the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Persuading Teenagers About Christ

want to persuade someone...here is what you do.

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Talking About Jesus

The Gospel is wonderful news, but how exactly does one present it? Is it as easy as it sounds?

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Inside/Out Evangelism

Pete Ward in God at the Mall argues for two student outreach methods: 1) Inside/Out and 2) Outside/In.

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