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Leadership Tips

Youth Ministry In Culture

5 Ways to relate Christ to your local youth community—youth ministry contextualization.

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Rare and Radical Youth Ministry

Youth pastors become fearless when they don't give a rats butt about anything other than what God is telling them to do. God is love and fear is not in love.

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Fuller Youth Institute:: Book Review: Essential Leadership part 2

The FYI (Fuller Youth Institute) self published a great resource for youth workers entitled: Deep Leadership. Deep Leadership is authored by: Kara Powell, Brad Griffin, and Chap Clark.

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Youth Pastorate 201: Protecting Yourself From the Doctrine Dogs

Theologically trash talking among other trained youth pastors can be fun, but one needs to be careful and mindful. It doesn’t matter if a youth pastor is a fundamentalist, hippie, Pentecostal, legalistic, compromisers, sinner, left wing liberal, tattoo artist, and/or religious; you are going to get doctrinally attacked at some point in your youth ministry career.

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Reconfiguring A Missional Mind-Set For Youth Ministry

The beauty about contextual youth ministry is that the missional mind set and attitude that demands a missionary into a cross cultural setting; forces them to eat, drink, and talk like the natives, and love and serve them in Jesus' name.

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