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Leadership Tips

The “Informal” Education of Youth Pastors


My goal is to unlock the youth ministry education available outside of classes, and all around you.

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The 1 Danger of Relational Youth Ministry


The danger is not having a procedure-plan-policy in place when a student shares some dark stuff and needs professional help.

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Back to the Future: Traveling Back Into My Youth Ministry Past


I wonder what would I do differently in youth ministry in light of what I know now?

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Sir Isaac Newton’s Advice For Youth Pastors: How The Law of Inertia Can Strengthen Students’ Faith


Our students' spiritual life tend to quickly move to "idleness" real fast. They get saved, they get baptized, they go to church, they follow Jesus' commandments, then what?

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Students’ Spitefulness On Social Media: How To Stop Students From Hatin’ Online

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So how do we help kids who get caught in this social media bullying crossfire?

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