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Tactics and Strategy

New Beginnings: Thoughts On Starting A Youth Group From Scratch


Starting or sustaining a youth ministry is very unrewarding. Basically you build and don't see the fruit and results for a while. In the last 5 years it has been my obsessive quest to figure out how to develop a healthy, sustainable youth group.

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Business Education For Youth Pastors: How To Make Your MDIV Become An MBA


I wish I went to business school before I went to seminary.

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Stalemate in Youth Ministry: 11 Ridiculous Things That Keep Youth Groups From Growing


How would you measure youth group growth?

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Youth Ministry Phenomenology: Observing God’s Activity In Youth Group

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Self observation and ministry assessments are key components that lead youth pastors to discern what is appearing in their youth ministry.

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Targeting Youth Parachurch Threats: Relearning How To Love Your Neighbor And Enemies

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My argument: Any youth parachurch can be a huge assess to youth ministries across the globle

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