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Student Ministry Skills

Youth Ministry Communication: 5 Beliefs Every Youth Communicator Must Have


youth teachers must have 5 core beliefs about the adolescent in order to be an effective teacher and communicator.

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Disciplining The Dudes: Dealing With Disrespectful Guys In Your Youth Ministry

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Think about all those gnarly and disrespectful dudes who have showed up to your youth ministry. How did you discipline them when they were disruptive?

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10 Things Healthy Youth Pastors Do


Over the past 2 years, I have been jotting down some notes and identifying key patterns that reflect healthy habits youth pastor do.

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Apathetic Adolescents: The State Of The Postmodern Youth Group Kid


So how do youth pastors address the growth of adolescent apathy in our youth groups?

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Picasso To Justin Bieber: Appealing To The Young Artists In Our Youth Ministry


Why is the Church losing the young artist?

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