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Student Ministry Skills

Learning How To Tweak Talks: What To Do When Your Youth Group Sermon Bombs (BIG TIME!!!)

Beauty of Reading

Don't you hate that moment when you are speaking and you look out into the crowd and you see many students getting squirrely?

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The Replacement Theory: Convincing Youth Workers To Make 1 Critical Change


What is the 1 thing your replacement would change about your current youth ministry?

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Leaving The Youth Room: Revisiting The Inside/Out Youth Ministry Outreach Approach

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If we are saying that 50-60% of kids are dropping out of faith and that youth ministries are only reaching 25-30% of the kids in the community, then do we need to start leaving our youth room to go meet and befriend more kids in the community?

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Exegeting Hebrews 13.17: Teaching Youth Pastors How To TAPOUT


My encouragement to the feisty and stubborn youth pastor population is to stay under authority.

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A Student Led Event Gone Wild

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Allowing students to brainstorm a youth ministry event sounds like a great idea, right? Empowering students to lead events that they own guarantees they will invite their friends, right? So, student-led events should be a success, right?

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