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Teaching Topics

Moving From Joseph Smith to Jesus: How To Talk To Youth Group Students About Mormonism

Joseph Smith's 1st Vision

why Mormons did better youth ministry than Christians?

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What Would Be Your Advice To Smart High School Seniors?

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What advice should a youth worker give seniors in a secular context?

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Top Ten Theological Questions Teens Ask: Did The Resurrection Really Happen? (#2)

Did The Resurrection Really Happen?

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The Triune God

I will try my best to explain who God is as He has revealed Himself in Scripture, as the one true, living, and Trinitarian God. Remember the goal of REYouthPastor.com is to tackle deep theological topics so youth pastors can understand them and communicate them to their students.

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Youth Pastor Standards: Talking About The Wrath of God?

Small Town Youth Pastor has been really loud about critiquing the fire and brimstone type of youth ministries. Thankfully, God has been doing some work on me and I am trying to develop a healthy view on how to communicate the bad news about the good news of Jesus Christ.

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