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YM Philosophy

What The Best Student Ministries Are Doing Across The Country


The great thing is I get access to observe what the best student ministries are doing. So over the past few years, I have been taking notes and want to share my notes and observations with the youth ministry community

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Why Partnerships and Friendships in Youth Ministry Matter More Than Ever


Tweet Back in 2003, as a struggling, rookie and small church youth pastor, I realized I needed a lot of help from other youth pastors.  So  I decided to start a blog about youth ministry.  I was determined to find student ministry friends online that shared common interests and ministry philosophy. And I did.  I found a ton of youth ministry ...

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Critical Thinking In Youth Ministry: Learning How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes


Who can youth pastors turn to and learn superb thinking tactics from?

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Apathetic Adolescents: The State Of The Postmodern Youth Group Kid


So how do youth pastors address the growth of adolescent apathy in our youth groups?

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Picasso To Justin Bieber: Appealing To The Young Artists In Our Youth Ministry


Why is the Church losing the young artist?

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