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YM Philosophy

Applying Nuclear Fission in Youth Ministry: The Necessity To Split Middle School and High School Ministry


How, when and why do you split middle school and high school?

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The 1 Danger of Relational Youth Ministry


The danger is not having a procedure-plan-policy in place when a student shares some dark stuff and needs professional help.

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Sir Isaac Newton’s Advice For Youth Pastors: How The Law of Inertia Can Strengthen Students’ Faith


Our students' spiritual life tend to quickly move to "idleness" real fast. They get saved, they get baptized, they go to church, they follow Jesus' commandments, then what?

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What Youth Ministry Cliche Needs To Go Away?


In the post: I argued the one cliche that annoys me is when youth pastors think youth ministry is about only ministering to students.

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Youth Ministry Outreach: Creating “Third Spaces” That Are Welcoming and Warm


I know this may seem weird but I am always worrying about what an unchurched student thinks when he/she attends a "church youth ministry program".

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