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YM Philosophy

3 Theological Foundations Shaping 21st Century Youth Ministry Strategy

theological foundations

The youth worker allows the Scriptures to shape their ministry strategy and programs, and not the reverse.

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The Youth Ministry Side View Mirror: 14 Things Students Wish They Told Their Youth Pastor


So contact former students, get their feeedback, and know your youth ministry blindspots.

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8 Viable Tools To Help Build A Sustainable Youth Ministry: An Interview with Mark DeVries (Author of Sustainable Youth Ministry)


The Sustainable Youth Ministry Interview conducted by Jeremy Zach

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Stalemate in Youth Ministry: 11 Ridiculous Things That Keep Youth Groups From Growing


How would you measure youth group growth?

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Youth Ministry Phenomenology: Observing God’s Activity In Youth Group

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Self observation and ministry assessments are key components that lead youth pastors to discern what is appearing in their youth ministry.

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