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YM Philosophy

Targeting Youth Parachurch Threats: Relearning How To Love Your Neighbor And Enemies

All rights reserved by Jonathan Wolpert

My argument: Any youth parachurch can be a huge assess to youth ministries across the globle

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Practicing Pragmatism: Self-Experiment In Your Youth Ministry Context

Self Experimentation

How can youth ministry theory and practice not only reconcile but produce actionable youth pastors that test theories in their current context?

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The Lost Value of Ritual in Youth Ministry

The emphasis of ritual in the American Christian church youth ministry department is underestimated and underpracticed.

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Learning The Landscape Of Your Student Ministry

Knowing your youth and the landscape in which they roam is so essential when leading a student ministry.

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THEOCONMICS- Make your counting count

So if theology as a lived thing comes from how we talk about God, then what would be a fitting quantitative counterpart to the qualitative.

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