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Youth Pastor Interviews

Q & A With Youth Ministry UK Professor Dr. Pete Ward

At Fuller Seminary, during the summer of 2006, I was able to take one of my favorite seminary classes with Dr. Pete Ward called: Church, Culture and Youth Ministry

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Youth Pastor Interview With Terrace Crawford

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The Official Interview With Terrace Crawford by Jeremy Zach Terrace is one of my youth ministry blogging buddies. I had the chance to meet Terrace for the first time this year at The Orange Conference. Terrace and I worked on a few online blogging projects so it was cool to finally give him a high five.

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Youth Ministry in The United Kingdom: An Interview With A Mate (Jon Jolly) Across The Pond

Jon Jolly

I have a secret obsession with the BRITS, which is why I am super excited that Jon Jolly agreed to do an interview about youth ministry in the United Kingdom with me.

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Polling My Youth Pastor Homeys

So I was thinking I would poll my youth pastor audience or others who are considering on becoming a youth pastor.

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1 Thing Interview With Josh Griffin

Josh is the high school pastor at Saddleback Church with 15+ years in the student ministry trenches. He’s also a rabid Star Wars fan that has attended Comic-Con a few times too many.

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