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Youth Pastor Lifestyle

Youth Pastor Physical Care

I think a lot of us "should" know how to take care of ourselves--spiritually and emotionally, but very rarely do youth pastors talk about how we can take care of ourselves physically. It is like youth pastors have ignored one of the seven deadly sins--namely gluttony.

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Every Iphone App Every Youth Pastor Needs

I think every youth pastor needs an Iphone. The iphone increase productivity, communication, and spirituality.

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The Longevity of Youth Pastors

It is my goal to be a youth ministry lifer. This Fall I am entering my 7th year of youth ministry and I hope I have many more successful years of youth ministry. I attended this open space because I wanted to learn and listen to veteran youth pastors about how to best endure youth ministry vocational hardships.

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Pre- Youth Group Funk

1 hour before youth group, I go into this weird doubting funk. Do any of you other youth pastors experience this funk-depression like symptoms right before youth group?

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The End of Youth Ministry Time Management: Busyness vs. Effectiveness

Time should NEVER be a problem when youth pastors are managing their youth ministries and personal schedules.

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