Wednesday , 23 April 2014

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How To Look Like Jesus: Best Workouts For Busy and Broke Youth Pastors

JZ's workout journal

I love talking about why youth pastors need to consider working out. I started working out and recording my workouts at the age of 12, my dad was a bodybuilder, and I underwent ACE (the American Council of Exercise) certification back in 2001. So I was always struggling how to integrate exercising in my youth ministry lifestyle. Read More »

Removing Redbull: Obtaining Enough Energy To Make Youth Group Last For Eternity

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One of the biggest potential downers of running a youth ministry program is not having an enough energy to make it from start to finish. Read More »

How To Live Like A Rockstar On A Youth Pastor’s Salary

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Bottom line: There are a numerous tricks for how to enjoy life and still look good while working in youth ministry. Read More »

Youth Pastor Burn Out Rate

My point - the best youth pastors are the youth pastors who burn out really fast. Wanting to work too much is a great thing because it means you have a passion and excitement for your job. However it takes a long time to develop an awareness of when to turn off. Read More »

5 Dumb Things Youth Pastors Do

Top 5 Things Youth Pastors Do: Read More »

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