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Youth Ministry Lessons From Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show


Tweet I am a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. The debut of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been super successful. Fallon is strategically appealing to the younger generation.  He’s making The Tonight Show relevant for younger views — and it is working.  I think youth pastors can learn from Fallon on how to better engage the younger generation. Here’s what Jimmy is brilliantly ... Read More »

How Most Adults View The 21st Century Student | youth pastor


Tweet Most adults have negative perceptions about today’s adolescents.  Not every adult, but a lot of adults, follow the assumption that the students of today’s society are only getting worse.  They are nothing but problems.  Adults, generally, believe that students are: (5)  Lazy and unmotivated (4)  Entitled and spoiled (3)  Narcissistic.  I write about this teenage narcissistic epidemic here (2)  Disrespectful ... Read More »

Curiosity and Spirituality: The Commonality Between American Teenagers and Curious George


I think a lot of today's teens are like Curious George when it comes to spirituality. The American teenager is really spiritually curious and wants to experience what the spiritual life is like. Read More »

Does Media REALLY Influence Teens?


Tweet In some Christian circles, secular media (music, movies, books, tv shows) is viewed as very bad. And some teach you have  to avoid it like the plague. Conversely, today’s teens spend a lot of time listening to music, watching movies and TV and surfing the internet.  According to the article, Generation M:  Media in the lives of 8-18 Year-Olds: ... Read More »

Teenage Narcissism Gone Wild


Tweet Studies show there has been a 30% increase (in the last 30 years) in teenage narcissism.  More kids today think they are more awesome than everyone else.  Many teens struggle with narcissism because they are constantly faced with social media, reality tv and technology that tells them they are stars and entitled to do and say whatever they want. Children aged ... Read More »

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