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Adolscent Research

Picasso To Justin Bieber: Appealing To The Young Artists In Our Youth Ministry


Why is the Church losing the young artist?

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Applying Nuclear Fission in Youth Ministry: The Necessity To Split Middle School and High School Ministry


How, when and why do you split middle school and high school?

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2 Responses To Systematic Abandonment

Students in the American church are experiencing a loneliness epidemic known as systematic abandonment. So what are some responses when addressing abandonment?

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Youth Ministry Outreach: Creating “Third Spaces” That Are Welcoming and Warm


I know this may seem weird but I am always worrying about what an unchurched student thinks when he/she attends a "church youth ministry program".

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3 Musings About Middle School Ministry: How I am Re-Learning To Relate With Middle Schoolers

Some rights reserved by mrjoro

In this post, I thought it would be fun to share what I am (re)learning about middle school ministry.

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