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Adolscent Research

The Forgotten Social Science of Youth Ministry: Cultural Anthropology


One of the ways youth pastors avoid not getting sucked in the vortex------- is by getting out the church office and become to study the local student population and where students hang outs. I call this study: cultural anthropology.

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Lab Write Up: Analyzing Moralistic Therapeutic Deism Data

It was my goal to test the Guiding Beliefs of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (Almost Christian, pg 14).

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Moralistic Therapeutic Deism Case Study: Teens Telling Us What They Think

I want to know how teens (both Christian and atheist teenagers) would respond to these beliefs.

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Rare and Radical Youth Ministry

Youth pastors become fearless when they don't give a rats butt about anything other than what God is telling them to do. God is love and fear is not in love.

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Youth Group Graduation Rates

Tweet The biggest problem Youth Ministry is experiencing is that after our high school senior graduates, he or she will most likely not attend church. Bottom line after a student graduates college they will never return back to Church. Given that some denominations, “estimate that over 50% of their youth group graduates fall away from either their faith or their ...

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