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Youth Ministry & Culture

One Way or Multiple Ways

Tweet Last night in High School youth group, it got hot and heavy. We essentially discussed every other major holy book and asked the question: Can Muslims, Jews, Hindus,and Buddhists enter the pearly gates? Is Jesus the only way? I argued that there only a few major religions that have Holy Books that claim to be God’s Word. The literature ...

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Another Atheist: Dan Dennett

Tweet Dan Dennett is a strong atheist and American Philosopher. Dan has his BA in Philosophy from Harvard and his DPHIL from Oxford. In Dan’s academic work, he wrestles with philosophical truths that underlay in the fields of biology and the human mind. Dan has two overarching arguments: 1) Individuals who believe in an intelligent designer, namely God are not ...

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Youth Ministry Book Review: Presence-Centered Youth Ministry

Presently within YM, Presence-Centered Youth Ministry is a great book that will engage the young people of the America church. Mike King serves as President of YouthFront, a Youth Ministry organization. YouthFront works to bring youth into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where spiritual transformation occurs, by working with those who are involved in the spiritual formation of youth and by providing church-assisting events.

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Ministering to the Middle School Student

Through my contemplating, reflecting, and asking I concluded that when delivering a message to JR High students it needs to be clear, concise, simple, narrative-based, short (15-20minutes), high energy including much randomness, and heavy usage of props, pictures, movies, and illustrations.

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Murray Gell-Mann and Science Certainity

Tweet Lately, I have been in a weird academic mood. I have received this academic bug that caused me to explore philosophy (Medieval and Modern) and physics. Weird, I know. I have only really wrestled through these academic disciplines in college and bit in seminary. In my current exploration, I have come across a lot of literature, philosophy, and theories. ...

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