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JP Moreland Wants A Triangular Kingdom Perspective

Moreland has been wanting a bigger Kingdom perspective and he accidentally got introduced to the power of the Holy Spirit. Now, JP Moreland is a member at Anaheim Vineyard who strongly believes we are co-labors with God who have the power of the Holy Spirit do arrange signs and wonders.

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Book Review: The New Christians by Tony Jones

A review of Tony Jones' book: Dispatches from the Emerging Front

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Theology of Video Games in Youth Ministry

The state of student ministries in America is struggling. We are having a difficult time trying to get kids to come to church and our “cool” student events. As a youth pastor, I know I will try anything to get 3 or 4 more kids in the door. However I am a youth pastor that does not endorse the video gaming in the church/youth group setting. I argue that video gaming (violent or nonviolent), in the church context, is more of a disservice than a service for students.

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