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Youth Ministry & Culture

Top Ten Theological Questions Teens Ask: If I Cannot Stop Sinning, Why Do I Need To Stop? (#1)


Why does a teen think that living the Christian lifestyle is near impossible?

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Moving From Fax Machines to Facebook: How Technology Is Changing Youth Ministry


I brainstormed a few ways technology is changing the landscape of youth ministry praxis:

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Top 10 Theological Questions Teen Asks: What Are Reasons For God’s Existence? (#3)


What are some arguments for the existence of God?

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Lab Write Up: Analyzing Moralistic Therapeutic Deism Data

It was my goal to test the Guiding Beliefs of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (Almost Christian, pg 14).

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Mobile Technology Impacting The Family

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Orange and XP3Students are very interested in figuring out the way technology is changing the landscape and giving parents (with teenagers) practical advice of how to deal with it.

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