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The top 10 popular posts on REyouthpastor.com of all time:

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These 30 posts are Jeremy’s favorite.  

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3.  Looking For Youth Pastor Jobs

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7.  Removing Redbull:  Obtaining Enough Energy To Make Youth Group Last For Eternity

8.  Practicing Pragmatism:  Self-Experiment In Your Youth Ministry Context

9.  The Youth Pastor

10.  Youth Pastor Physical Care

11.  What Martin Luther Wanted Youth Workers To Do

12.  20 Ways Teens Can Be Local Missionaries

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16.  Transitions In Student Ministry

17.  Qualifications of a Great Youth Pastor: What It Means To Be A Great Leader

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19. How To Be A Superhero Youth Pastor/Youth Worker

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21. Youth Pastor Productivity

22.  5 Ways Student Pastors Make Parents Mad

23.  Youth Pastor Burn Out Rate

24. 5 Dumb Things Youth Pastors Do

25.  Turning Youth Ministry Sermons Upside Down:  Allowing Teens To Become The Preacher

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