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Recommended books for your youth ministry teaching

Recommended Books For Youth Ministry Teaching


Fee, Gordon.  How To Read The Bible For Everything It Is Worth

Fee, Gordon.  New Testament Exegesis:  A Handbook For Students and Pastors

Walton, John H, Victor H. Matthews, and Mark W. Chavalas. The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament

Keener, Craig S. The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament


Fields, Doug & Robbin, Duffy.  Speaking To Teenagers:  How To Think, Create, and Deliver Effective Messages

Stanley, Andy.  Communicating For A Change

Pagitt, Doug.  Preaching Re-Imagined:  The Role of Sermon In Communities of Faith

Lambert, Dan.  Teaching That Makes A Difference:  How To Teach For Holistic Impact

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  1. Another good Exegesis one that was helpful for me is, “Living By The Book,” by Howard Hendricks. In fact, I even taught through that book with our sr. high last year in a series I did called, “How to study the bible.”

  2. AND…the entire Left Behind Series…duh

  3. I give How to Read the bible… to all my YPs on the 18th birth day. Post Modern youth ministry also rocked my world when I first read it (a little dated now though). Over here (UK) we have the After Christendom books, an amazing yet hard hitting book is Youth Work After Christendom really really worth a read is you can get hold of it outside the UK.

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