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Cross the Line

Cross the line is a powerful youth ministry experiential activity.

This activity allows the students to deeply reflect who they are in front of their peers while they cannot say anything. Here is how the game goes:

First, you will need to tape a line in the middle of the room. The goal is to equally divide the room up into two parts.

Second, you invite all of the students to stand on the right side of the line. At this point you communicate three things. 1. There is no talking starting now! If you talk you are out. 2. You discuss the confidentially rule. What happens in this room, stays in this room. You do not go around school tomorrow talking about how Billy smokes. 3. You explain to the student you will be reading 25 questions out loud. They are basic yes or no questions. If their answer is “yes”, then they cross the line. There is no talking, only walking across the line. Once the student crosses the line, the student is encouraged to stop and stare back at the other students until the youth pastor simply states: You may cross back over the line. It is essential for the student who answered yes to the question to look in the eyes of the students who answered no to the question. Once all of the students are back together again, you read the next question. Make clear that the students go with their gut instinct. Tell them not to over think the questions. Students always love to ask questions about the questions. Allow them to interpret the questions how they want to interpret it.

Third, make sure your last question ask something like this: If you need a hug, cross the line. Once all the students who need or want a hug invite them to hug one another and that concludes the activity.

Here are some sample question:

1. If you consider yourself a happy person, cross the line…..

2. If you have pulled an all nighter in the past 2 weeks, cross the line…

3. If you have cussed in the past week

4. If you have skipped a class in the past 2 weeks

5. If you have your drivers license

6. If you have fought with your parents in the past 2 days

7. If your parents are divorced

8. If you have tried smoking

9. If you have tried alcohol

10. If you get embarrassed easy

11. If you consider yourself a depressed person

12. If your favorite color is red

13. If you consider yourself a fat person

14. If you have a lot of doubts about Christianity

15. If you get mad easy

16. If you have cried in the past 2 weeks

17. If you have difficult times sleeping

18. You prefer being by yourself

19. You are fearful of death

20. After high school you have an idea what you want to do

21. If you had a magic wand you would change one thing about yourself

22. You have a boy/girl friend

23. School is easy for you

24. You consider yourself to have great solid friends

25. If you need a hug, cross the line.

And those who crossed the line; give each other a hug!!!

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