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need a fun youth group game?

Frisbee Bowling

Frisbee bowling is a great jr high youth group game because it requires teamwork and movement.

I guarantee the youth in your ministry will love it and it is a free youth ministry resource.  

Needed Items:

3 Frisbee for every 6 students

1 table for every group of 6 students

15 plastic cups for every table


How to Play:

Divide the group into teams of 6.  Assign each team to a table (a lane).  Encourage the team to decide what three students will be the frisbee bowlers and what three students will keep score, restack cups (pins), and fetch the frisbees.  After each frame, the bowlers will the score keepers, the stackers, and the fetchers and vice versa.

The 15 plastic cups are the pins.  Stack the 15 cups vertically.  Level 1 (Bottom level):  5 cups. Level 2:  4 cups.  Level 3:  3 cups.  Level 2:  2 cups.  Level 1 (top level):  1 cup.

Make sure to tape a 3 foot line away from the table.  This tape is where the students throw the frisbee from.  The taped line and the table should be about 10ft apart.

Set up the tables like bowling lanes.  Make sure the table is pointing towards the frisbee bowlers.  You can stack to cups at the end of the table.

You can play as many frames as you want?  It is totally up to you.

BE AWARE of the random flying frisbees.  Sometimes the kids think it is hilarious to start throwing the frisbees at each other instead of at the pins.  At that point cut the game because it can get out of control real fast. I am all about crazy and random youth group games.  True or false:  I got hit in the head twice when leading this game?

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