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Need a quick and cheap youth ministry game? Toilet paper dodgeball is the way to go.

Youth Ministry Games: Toilet Paper Dodgeball

Toilet Paper Dodgeball is a freaking hit.


1) Many many rolls of toilet paper. My ratio is 5 rolls for every 10 students.

2) Indoor facility.

3) Tape to tape boundary and middle lines.

4) Referee whistle.

International Rules of Toilet Paper Dodgeball:

1) If you hit someone they are out.

2) No crossing the middle line.

3) If you catch a roll, toilet paper roll cannot hit the floor. Two players from your team get to enter back into the game.

4) Have to throw toilet paper roll within 5 seconds of receiving roll.

5) If you argue you are out.

6) No intentional throwing at the head. If you get hit in the head/neck you are not out.

Sample illustration:

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