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The FYI (Fuller Youth Institute) self published a great resource for youth workers entitled: Deep Leadership. Deep Leadership is authored by: Kara Powell, Brad Griffin, and Chap Clark.

Fuller Youth Institute:: Book Review: Essential Leadership

The FYI (Fuller Youth Institute) self published a great resource for youth workers entitled:  Essential Leadership.

Deep Leadership is authored by:  Kara Powell

Here are the elements each deep chapters of Essential Leadership explore:

Deep Mentors: Empowering Relationships that Work

Youth workers need to get out their head, they are NOT the all-encompassing mentor.  Basically they are NOT superman or superwoman.  According to Bobby Clinton, mentor can be broken into 6 categories:  Discipler, Counselor, Spiritual Guide, Coach, Sponsor, and Model.  The goal is to find other adults that can fulfill multiple mentor roles or single mentor roles.  Unfortunately, the youth pastor cannot be the MENTOR to every student.

Deep Hurt: Helping Kids, Families, and Communities Toward Good Grief

How do we respond to kids who are in troubling situations?  The FYI crew suggests:  1) Avoid asking questions that hurt, 2) Be careful not to compare,  and 3) Be present and silent.  It is essential as the youth worker to get the student to not only remember the past, but hope for the future.

Deep Impact: Faith Beyond High School

The College Transition Project has been studying over 400 youth group graduates during their first three years in college.  The project is revealing that during graduates’ freshman year, 44% significantly or moderately agree that “my college environment is helping me grow as a Christian” while 29% moderately or significantly disagree. Somewhat similarly, 42% of the students we’ve surveyed moderately or significantly disagree that “it’s been difficult to find a church where I feel welcome” while 29% moderately or strongly agree.

These statistics only leave youth pastors with the question of:  What can our youth ministries do now—before students graduate—to put them on a trajectory of lifelong faith after the “Pomp and Circumstance” fades?

The Essential Leadership team argue that by taking strategic steps now, we can help our students’ faith flourish after they graduate from our ministries.

Here are three findings the College Transition Project has found that may help us shape our strategic steps:

Finding #1: High school students who refrained from sex and alcohol let loose in college.

Finding #2: The value of leadership roles.

Finding #3: Involvement in the larger church makes a difference.

Deep Rest: Two Practices Every Leader Can Try

For heaven sakes, take a day off.  If God rested, why can’t we?  We were wired to rest.  “Our God does not feverishly race to do more stuff. We can have confidence in a God who boldly rests.”  The two practices are:  Take a weekly Sabbath and make it a priority to take do a regular prayer of examen.  The examen helps youth pastors escape our working adrenalin addiction by causing us to stop and see where God has been present in our day and give thanks.

Part two of Deep Leadership will mostly deal with the last half of the book, which contains:  Deep Assessment: A Map That Gets Our Ministry From Here to There, Deep Justice: Moving Beyond the News Crawl,  Deep Intergenerational Ministry: From “Big Church” to “Our Church”,  Deep Holistic Ministry: Whole Ministry for the Whole Kid, and Deep Family Ministry: Partnering with Parents.

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