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How can youth pastors spark their creativity for youth ministry fund raising? 5 Tips To Get Money ($) Rolling Into Your Youth Ministry Budget:

Youth Ministry Fundraising Tips

fundraisingDue to the economy (whenever in doubt, blame the economy), many of our youth ministries budgets are real low or even non-existent. And it doesn’t help if your youth ministry is small, so consequently your youth ministry budget is small too.

How can youth pastors creatively fund raise for their youth ministry?

5 Tips To Get Money ($) Rolling Into Your Youth Ministry Budget:

1.  Partner with other local business. Some local businesses will give you 5-15% of their profit if you host a “one day” event at their business location.  I know California Pizza Kitchen and Baja Fresh offer different fund raising opportunities.

2.   Donation letters. It never hurts to ask.  Start writing letters to every business you can think of.  Strategies to consider when writing the letter:  1)  That you are a 403b non profit organization, 2) The tax benefits if they donate, 3) You work with students, 4) Why you need the money/item, 5) Be focused, 6) Write to one person, and 7) appeal to your possible donor’s heart.  You need to convince them you are totally committed and their donations will literally help contribute to saving the world.

3.  Do different activities/events. Host dinners, BBQ, movie nights, silent auctions, sell a student, church luncheon, car wash, bake sale, benefit concerts, and garage sale. I would advise trying to do something on a Sunday when you know a lot of people will already be at the church.

4.  Identify what church members manage and/or own businesses. This is huge!!  Find out what people have a business product that can possibly be donated to your youth ministry for a youth ministry budget profit.   Generally church members are willing to donate their product to a youth ministry that has a cause.  Plus, it is great marketing for their business.

5.  Drive and Collections. Your youth ministry can collect: aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, recyclable paper, phones, and inkjet cartridges

Remember to ask other staff what past fundraisers were successful.  When pitching your fund raiser remember to demonstrate strong leadership, passion, vision, and the realism aspect of why you need the money.  Also, adding a student testimony’s segment into your fund raising event always is a huge hit.

I would love to hear your fund raising ideas for how a youth ministry can raise money?

Steve over at youthministryideas.net recommends SamaritanFundraising.com.

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