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Top 10 Frustrating Things That Frustrate Youth Pastors

Top 10 Frustrating Things That Frustrate Youth Pastors

10. Everyone blames the youth pastor. It is always the youth pastors fault.

9. You have the lowest salary right next to the church facilities manager. But remember we are called to youth ministry and we just love kids; and that is why we get paid minimum wage.

8. The other ministries always want for the youth to help out at their event, but they never want to help out at the youth events.

7. Everybody believes all you do is play on the computer and “hang out” with students. Only if they knew.

6. Youth pastors are expected to be at every church event, on top of planning and programming all youth events.

5. The church administrator/secretary. Why are they always up in our business? Why do they need to know what is always going on?  We got this. It is called a controlled chaos.

4. Home school kids. Do I need to say more? The classic question from a home school parent is: Why is my son not connecting with the other students?

3. When leaders yell at students.

2. Our cell phone bills. Seriously no matter how hard I try, I am always going to go over my minutes and especially my text messages.

1. Parents who do not care about their kids. Seriously this kills me and my soul. A few weeks ago I had a student waiting for his dad to pick him up after our mid week program. I asked him if his dad always picks him up late and he almost started to cry. I asked him where his dad was and the student said he is at the movies with his new girlfriend. The student looked at me and said it bothers me that he cares about everything else except me.

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