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Your Life Is Not That Bad

Your Life Is Not That Bad

Illustration// Life Without Limbs

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Biblical Text//Luke 6.5-11

Central Point// The Bigger things stay, while the small things come and go.


The Pharisees are too worried about keeping to the Sabbath, than restoring someone’s hand. Jesus moves past the rules and regulations to emphasis the bigger things in life. Jesus believes that healing takes priority than keeping the Sabbath.

The Small things in our life are……gossip, drama, petty fights with friends and parents, homework, you not feeling good or feeling bored, you whining about a bad grade on your biology test, you upset that your caramel frap from Starbucks did not have enough whip cream, and that your brother ate all of the Captain Crunch this morning.

The Big things in our life are……God, friends and family, your house, the fact you have clothes and food every day. AND, the fact you have all of your limbs.

The problem is that we put the small things over the big things.

We live our life according to the small things, not to the big things. We think if we have no problems in the small things area, we are good to go. Basically if you had no problems in your small things area, your life would be awesome. Only if you got unlimited allowance and Wii time your life would be perfect.

If I was able to fix all your problems, your life probably would not get any better.

The older you get, the small things get harder and harder. We need to learn how to handle the drama, the petty fights while living in view of what really matters.

You think your life now is tough, wait until you have bills, school, car and house payment, and other people to feed and take care of.

To be honest, our lives are really not that bad—we just need to focus on the bigger perspective. In the heat of the moment, we need to zoom out. We need to focus on the bigger things of life.

Once you get the bigger picture, the small things do not matter at the end of the day. At the end of the day the relationships that are close to us really do matter.

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