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Youth Pastor Interview With Terrace Crawford

(pic of Terrace’s was stolen from http://www.terracecrawfordbio.com/)

Terrace is one of my youth ministry blogging buddies.  I had the chance to meet Terrace for the first time this year at The Orange Conference.  Terrace and I  worked on a few online blogging projects so it was cool to finally meet and give him a faux hawk high five.  I wanted to interview Terrace because there are some cool endeavors he is doing— editing the youth channel for churchleaders.com and launching a youth ministry coaching network.  I am really excited for Terrace, so I wanted to pick his brain about youth ministry.

The Official Interview With Terrace Crawford by Jeremy Zach

Why did you go into youth ministry?
Ultimately, I went into youth ministry because I felt God’s call to it.  I was very involved in my youth group (as a teen) and my youth pastor gave me leadership opportunities. I felt God’s call to full-time service during my time there.


What do you think youth workers biggest struggle is right now?
I think the economy has made things a bit difficult for many youth workers.  Even if their event budgets haven’t been cut, they’ve suffered losses elsewhere.  Also, I think we’re seeing more and more teens today become indifferent to church because they are not seeing the impact. With regards to both, I think we have to redefine what ministry looks like for us, get innovative — all through the power and knowledge by the Holy Spirit.


What is your prediction for the future of youth ministry?
There was some talk a while back about the future of youth ministry and I shared (via churchleaders and my blog) 5 glimpses of what I thought we would see and who are the younger voices that will help shape the future of YM.


What are a few problems youth are struggling with today?
I think there are a number of things youth will always struggle with, but I’d say that one struggle in particular would be how to live out their faith.  Youth need to see adults model how to live out an authentic faith and a victorious Christian life.

Who are you currently learning from?
In my role as an editor for ChurchLeaders.com I’m doing a lot more reading these days.  It’s been great to read the content of not only the notable thought-leaders but also those who are younger voices.  I’m learning a lot from doing this.  Additionally, I have a life coach and a couple of mentors that I meet with regularly who stretch my thinking.


What are some exciting things that are happening for you?

I would say that I feel I am living in a time where God is calling me to step out of the boat. I have found myself taking more risks and learning to trust Him.  It’s been very exciting.  I have a confidence and peace… yet I’m scared to death. I’ve already been blessed by it… so it is exciting.

What is one thing you would tell a rookie and/or veteran youth worker?  Remember only one thing.
I would encourage any youth worker (whether rookie or veteran) to not ever be content with where they are at. I think we should always be learning and growing … and our ministries and work should (and will) reflect this too.


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