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Movie Theological Reflection: BATMAN as the Blessed Hope

Tweet Batman is the hero of the story. He is the lean-fighting machine. I love the Batman clearly states: “I am the Batman.” It is kind of like the Exodus passage when Yahweh states: I am, who I say I am. Without Batman, Gotham City is living in despair. Batman in DARK KNIGHTS illustrates three theological points. First, Batman is ...

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Movie Theological Reflection: BATMAN as the Atoner of Gotham

Tweet Like everyone else this past weekend, I saw Batman The Dark Knight. Simply amazing! Wow. Heath Ledger needs to get an Oscar! Two thumbs up. Batman was deeply loaded with theological content everywhere. I decided to blog about my theological interpretations of THE BATMAN. Weird? I know. The three part BATMAN theological reflection goes something like this: Part 1// ...

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