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Top 10 Theological Questions Teens Ask: What About the Other Holy Books From Other World Religions? (#9)

Question #9: What about the other holy books from other world religions?

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Top 10 Theological Questions Teens Ask: Do African Kids Go To Hell, If They Don’t Know Jesus? (#10)

#10: Will an unsaved African kid that dies of starvation go to hell since he/she doesn't know Jesus?

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Theory of Critical Mass

Youth ministries need critical mass in order to have impact and sustainability. Critical mass means having a commitment collection of teenagers.

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5 Problems American Youth Ministry Is Experiencing

I am stating 5 problems that may be transpiring in the youth ministry world.

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Youth Pastor Physical Care

I think a lot of us "should" know how to take care of ourselves--spiritually and emotionally, but very rarely do youth pastors talk about how we can take care of ourselves physically. It is like youth pastors have ignored one of the seven deadly sins--namely gluttony.

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