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Day 5 + YMATH

Yesterday, Seth Barnes made a connection with a key community leader and asked him if it is okay to host a worship and healing service for the people within the little cardboard/sheet city. He agreed.

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Day 4 + YMATH

Our day was busy--- dancing in the streets praising Jesus, praying with people, people praying for us, food and water relief, handing out crayons and paper to children, giving out male and female care packages to families, and hearing more amazing stories from the faithful and hopeful Haitians.

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Day 3 + YMATH

What was I suppose to do? What was I suppose to say? I sensed and started to carry her HEAVY HEAVY pain.

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Day 2 + YMATH

Van. Prayer. Contemplation. Slow Immersion. Van- The YMATH team spent a good chunk of time in the van driving into Port-au-Prince. It was great bonding time with a lot of social media jokes.

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Day 1 + YMATH

Tomorrow morning (5:30am to be exact) we leave for Haiti.

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