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Youth Ministry and Passion of the Christ According to Mark

During the last week of Jesus, I lead my youth ministry through the Gospel of Mark while watching segments of the Passion of the Christ. Simply by reading the last week of Jesus' life while simultaneously watching it, helps teenagers to visualize and contextualize what Jesus went through. This exercise produces a high experiential and learning environment. If you need a different and highly visual activity to remember what Christ done for us, feel free to download by clicking the Last Week of Jesus Experience picture.

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The Logic of How Students Believe

Tweet How does a youth pastor evaluate if a student really believes in Christ? Words are just words. I really wish I could give a student a Christian belief litmus test to determine if they are really loving God with all of their heart, soul, and mind. I argue that high school students have 9 common objections for why they ...

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Youth Ministry Teaching Methods

Tweet Preaching and teaching in youth ministry is fun but a very difficult task. I am love looking for improving my communication and homelitical methods that engage not only the student, but the Word. I am communicator who heavy relies on the ethos and pathos. In my youth ministry communication resource tool belt, I rely on 5 teaching methods. SCORRE ...

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Alcohol and Adolscents

Adolescents and alcohol--that is a bad mix. If a youth pastor is honest, probably 45% of his/her high school youth group is experimenting with liquor.

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