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How do we get students saved? What is our theology that guides us to our methods?

Theological Understanding of Incarnational Outreach

Incarnational Outreach has two theological elements:  Incarnational witness and incarnational evangelism (Matthew 5.13-19, John 1.1-18, Philippians 2.4-8, and Colossian 1.15-19).  We have to remember that our theological convictions determine our methods.  It is important to know why we are doing what we are doing and that our method reflects a grounded theology.

Jesus went into the world  —–>  we go into the world

Jesus embodied the traits of God  —–>  We embody the traits of God as we witness and evangelize

Jesus engaged relationship with no expectations ——>  We engaged relationship with no expectations.

Incarnational Witness//  invites the youth worker to incarnate themselves in the culture so they can be light to the lost.        A youth worker that is exhibiting the incarnational witness means the youth worker is publicaly modeling his/her life after the life of Jesus.  The youth worker emulates everything Jesus emulated (Eph 5).  The goal of being a witness is to be out in culture and in your community while demonstrating good deeds.  Kids needs to know we are the real deal and trust us before they can trust Jesus.  That is why our witness is so huge!

Incarnational Evangelism//  invites the youth worker to be Jesus to students they have relationship with.  Incarnational Evangelism is relationally driven.  Evangelism happens with there is a invested and trusted relationship and the student knows that after you share Christ you are not going to ditch them.

Youth ministry evangelism means we win kids over by hanging out with them and befriending them as we model Jesus.  We win the right because of our light to talk about Jesus.

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