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New Perspective on Paul

Essentially the New Perspective on Paul seeks to reinterpret the Pauline texts while confronting how the reformation interpreted Paul’s letters. Some of the topics in the NPP are: women in ministry, law vs. grace, is salvation through works or grace?, and justification by faith.

Ben Witherignton
has recently posted a brief section from his forthcoming two volume work on NT Theology and Ethics, entitled The Indelible Image.

Here is Witherignton’s concluding remarks:
“while it cannot be said to be caused by works of any Law in Paul’s thinking, can indeed be negatively affected in the end by persisting in sin such that a moral apostasy (or some other sort of apostasy) is committed, according to several key Pauline texts. All of this helps us to understand the ethical seriousness of Paul’s moral remarks and why he so often offers up such strong imperatives to his converts.”

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  1. This sounds like heresy. I thought you were Christian. : )

  2. On second thought, nice post.

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