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Top 10 Theological Questions Teen Asks: What Are Reasons For God’s Existence? (#3)

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Both unchurched and churched teens would ask this theological/philosophical question all the time (especially after their evolution unit in Biology class):

What are some arguments for the existence of God?

Getting students to grapple with the arguments for God is a cool thing to do because

–  it allows them to intelligently dialogue with other unchurch students-friends-family- teachers about God’s existence without using the Bible

–  gets them to use their brain before they leave youth group and enter a philosophy/logic or human evolutionary class in college

–  challenges them to take a deeper ownership of their Christian faith

–  makes them aware there are different and godless worldviews out there

–  encourages them to see how science and faith are compatible.  Science answers the HOW questions, faith answers the WHY questions.

5 Reasons For God’s Existence (That Make Sense To A Teenager):

(1)  Archaeological (the fossil record) – Fossils have confirmed the people, animals, time periods, events, and places that ancient documents and  the Bible talk about. I highly rely on the the Cambrian Explosion to explain some of the unique fossil record that supports the Christian worldview.  During the Cambrian Explosion — anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of all animal phyla to ever exist on Earth appeared. The traditional evolutionary explanation argues that life should transition from simple to complex in a gradual, branching, tree-like fashion. On the other hand, such explosive appearances are exactly what should be expected if a Creator is responsible for orchestrating life’s history.

(2)  Cosmological – The world could not exist on its own so there must have been a first cause that brought it into being.  Something cannot come from nothing — this notion goes against the 1st law of thermodynamic, which God created.

(3)  Teleological – The universe is greatly complex by design so it must have been designed by a great Designer — God.  For example:  The earth is finely tuned.  Astrophysicists determined that if the value of the coupling constant for electromagnetism on the earth were four percent smaller or larger than what we observe, life would be impossible. In the case of the coupling constant for the strong nuclear force, if it were 0.5 percent smaller or larger, life would be impossible. Essentially the earth has the perfect amount of gravitational pull to sustainable life. If it was off by .5 of a percent we would all be dead. I would much rather argue that God designed this perfectly fined tuned and complex systems that govern earth than saying the universe randomly formed out of nothing.  ( I got this example from Hugh Ross’s Finely Tuned Earth lecture on reasons.org)

(4)  Moral – Without God morality would be impossible. There must be a Lawgiver (God) who developed and stands by moral law. A universal moral law cannot exist accidentally. There must be a basis behind it—namely God.  In my opinion, the moral argument for God is the strongest!!  There is no way getting around morality without God.  There has to be moral absolutes that define what is good and what is bad.   When morality is relative than anything can be considered justifiably good.

(5)  Personal – Simply talk about how Jesus changed your life.  No one can argue with your experiences.  Make God real as you talk about how He really touched and impacted your life.  I have never seen someone debate whether or not God actually redeemed someone’s life.  Just talk about why Jesus is King of your life.

Here are some other great apologetic websites:

Standtoreason.org – is headed up by Greg Koukl who trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values.

Reasonstobelieve.org – Hugh Ross the founder and president completed his undergraduate degree in physics (University of British Columbia) and graduate degrees in astronomy (University of Toronto).  He has an amazing book titled:  Why The Universe Is The Way It is

I would also recommend Tim Keller’s book:  The Reason For God


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  1. (3) Teleological – Over the course of a few years, I’ve studied evolutionary theory – that is, the theory beyond what was taught to me in a school classroom long ago. I firmly believe it is important to know the counterpoint so that I can better communicate truth to our students. After some study, the teleological arguments traditionally used by student pastors does not hold up. An evolutionist would simply say, “There are billions and billions of planets in the universe. This planet is, at the very most, one of a few that has the magnetic field necessary for life. If there are billions of planets orbiting stars in the universe one should believe that at least one of these planets had the conditions necessary for generating life. If life is the spontaneous result of conditions than there is no question how or why we are here” That is why I have stopped using the argument of perfect magnetic fields and proper placement from the Sun. It is an argument that will break down quickly on the campuses of state universities.

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