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The Church’s Historic Response To Families: A Case For Why Family Ministry Matters

Recently I have been reflecting about why I deeply believe in family ministry.  Fuller Seminary (FYI) and Orange really help me articulate a historical, theological and practical response to why youth pastors must value church and family.

I remember back in 2002, it was kind of considered weird for a youth pastor to view family ministry as a priority.  Now, in 2013, it is considered kind of normal to consider family ministry as a priority.

The days where youth ministry only focuses on teenagers are over.

Back in the 70s church ministry departments became very compartmentalized, fragmented and misaligned  Consequently, youth ministry became very isolated, highly programmatic and focused only on teenagers.  But now in 2013, youth ministry and the Church are finding it’s way back to where it all started and began  In the 1st century the Church was central to the community.  And the family was central to the Church, which is why the Church needs to serve the needs of the family.  Families saw the church as their community.

Dennis in the book: A New Design for Family states:

The church of the first century were called to leave their earthly familial allegiances and to bond to one another as the new family of God. The revolutionary impact of the first-century church was their love for one another as Christ had commanded them. The need for the church in the twentieth century is to respond as they responded. We are the church and we are family. Let us get on with our business.





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