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The Orange Conference 2012: Emergency Room, Friendships, YS and XP3 Students Networking Event

The Orange Conference 2012 is right around the corner: April 25-27, 2012– to be exact.

Things around the Orange office are getting pretty crazy because it is conference time. And I am really enthused about this year’s conference.   The theme is all about “game changers” which is a catalyst that requires you to radically alter how you do ministry.  I am excited to join thousands of ministry leaders endeavoring to understand how game changers can redefine and adjust what we do in order to be more effective in reaching this next generation.

Networking:  On Thursday night, April 26th 7:30- 9pm the XP3 Students team is hosting a two-part networking event.  The first part will be at Skyzone (a huge warehouse with a lot of trampolines).  At Skyzone we will do a dunk contest and a dodgeball tournament. This place is a blast but you can get hurt if you are not careful.  In fact…. while we were filming the promo video, I hurt my knee, had to go to the emergency room, and will undergo surgery on Friday.  To view the promo video (and me hurting myself while trying to dunk) watch the video below:

The second part of the networking will be held at a different location so we can have more intentional conversations around the Orange Strategy in relation to student ministry.  If you want to register for the XP3 Students networking event click here

YS@Orange:  We are thrilled to be joining forces with the team at Youth Specialties to offer four workshops during the Pre-conference at OC12.   I am amped to hear about how YS will be talking about the unique role of youth ministry vs. children’s ministry.  This is such a huge topic that needs to be address.  The common view youth pastors hold about children’s ministry workers is that they are annoying and just babysitters. I deal with so many youth workers that cannot stand or even care about children’s ministry.  However, if youth pastors want to have continuing success and sustainability they need to invest resource in, and pay attention to, their children’s ministry.  You can read more about YS@ Orange here

Friendships: Seeing friends at Orange is one of my favorite parts about The Orange Conference.  It is so fun being with old and new friends that I have been interacting with over the years.  The Orange Conference is like one big family reunion.  Last year I made some really great friends who I am looking forward to seeing again soon.  It is sooooo refreshing to connect with youth workers who share the same ministry strategy and who are super-passionate about reaching the next generation.  Friendships are a gift and I love that I have opportunities to be around like-minded youth ministry friends just to hang, talk life and youth ministry.  My youth ministry relationships are what have kept me alive and passionate when things get tough in ministry.

If you haven’t already please check out The Orange Conference website and if you are coming I would love to hang, connect, and see ya at our XP3 Student networking event.

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  1. Cant wait for Orange, didn’t know there was a second part of the networking for Youth Workers, would love more info about that. Cant believe its less than a month now, see ya in a few weeks!

    • @Ben
      I know… I am pretty amped for Orange.
      The 2nd part is going to be really informal. We will meet at a local restaurant and bar– Dave and Busters right after Skyzone and have a conversation around Orange and student ministry. Basically trying to get everyone at the same table and just intentionally talk ministry.

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